Mary Shikukutu


My name is Mary Shikukutu and I am the founder and Managing Director of mahangu milling company called N T Okawa Trading cc. We are based at SME Incubator Centre in Katutura. The business was created in 2007 with intend of developing and processing pearl millet we call mahangu in Namibia.

We are processing a traditional food known nutritional values with a long-lasting energy, into fermented and unfermented flour and package in 5kg, 10kg and 12kg polypro woven bags and sell directly to loyal customer base in Windhoek. We also brew and sell mahangu drink we call oshikundu/ meal replacement drink. We also provide service milling to those bringing in their mahangu, maize, wheat and rice to be processed.

Contact /081 3242507