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All you need to know about our Grant Management and Administration Process

08 Aug 2016


In its capacity as a funding organization, the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) would like to highlight its funding, disbursement and grant management processes. In establishing its systems and processes, the NCRST has benchmarked against regional and international practices, and as such is well aligned with international best practices.

Calls, Scholarships, Bilateral and Multilateral Research Grants Audit 2015/16 Financial Year

The NCRST has obtained an unqualified audit opinion since its inception in 2013 including the previous financial year, 2015/16 respectively. Some of the financial control mechanisms that is put into place includes the master funding agreements entered into between the NCRST and major funded research institutions. These agreements outline the dual accountability and responsibility on the part of the NCRST Board of Commissioners and the funded research entities as well.

In line with the current strategic plan, the Commission continues to improve its grant management processes and systems, to ensure that these scarce resources reach deserving students and institution alike, in order to advance the science, technology and innovation agenda in Namibia. In addition, the NCRST has an Internal Risk Assurance function which provides ongoing assurance on compliance to the approved NCRST Grants Rules and Procedures complied, further ensuring that the grant awards processes are above board.

NCRST Funding Programmes

NCRST’s Funding Programmes are competitive programmes which are a made available to the public through an open bid process or a “Call for Proposals.”  All calls are advertised in the print media, on the NCRST website, through our mailing lists and through various social media platforms.

Grant Management Process

The NCRST Grant Management Process includes the following set of activities which are outlined in the Grant Management Rules and Procedures and in the Grant Agreement:  call design and documentation preparation; advertising the call; receiving applications; internal screening; external evaluation; recommendation by the foundation on research, science and technology; approval by the board of commissioners; announcement of the grant decision; signature of a grant agreement. 

The Grant Agreement spells out certain conditions that must be fulfilled by grantees, including provision of all required supporting documentation (e.g. Namibian ID; proof of enrolment and proof of academic performance; proof of affiliation to a research institution; company registration documents, etc.). The final project budget and work-plan must then be agreed upon by the NCRST and the grantee prior to project execution.

Disbursement of Funds

Once the Grant Agreement has been signed, the grantees are expected to fulfil certain conditions as stipulated within the agreement to enable the disbursement of funds.  In order to ensure the responsible management of the Research, Science and Technology Fund, the NCRST disburses funds in line with the Grant Management Rules and Procedures.  The disbursement of funds for projects is not an ‘automatic process,’ nor are grants paid out in ‘lump sums’ to grantees.  If a grantee fails to comply with the conditions as laid out, it may result in delayed disbursements or complete termination of a project.


All grantees are expected to provide Progress Reports on a quarterly basis or as agreed upon by the NCRST and the grantee. The reports outline the progress made in terms of the agreed activities as well as the funds spent on the various activities. Grantees are expected to provide proof of expenditure to substantiate their reports.

Value creation is an integral part of the NCRST’s assessment criteria and all grantees are expected to report on the direct output of their project and the national impact being achieved.  It is the project leader’s responsibility to ensure that the correct and updated information related to the milestone achievement and expenditure are reported. Failure to submit the Progress Report is a serious omission that may result in the withholding of further fund disbursements or possible termination of a project.

Monitoring & Evaluation

The Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) process are periodic, technical and financial audits for funded projects in order to determine their progress; to understand any impediments to progress and to collectively find ways to mitigate any future foreseen challenges that may hamper their execution. Audits can either be in the form of a workshop, one-on-one interventions or site visits.

Grant Closure

Any funds that remain unexpended upon the closure of a project are returned to the NCRST.

Grant Administration

As part of our Grant Administration process; we endevour to keep all grantees informed of the status of their grant awards including on internal and external evaluation processes.  Grantees are welcome to meet with the NCRST to discuss any matters that pertain to their grant awards and the NCRST maintains an open door policy as per good governance practices.

For more information please email us at: info@ncrst.na