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The NCRST now invites researchers and scholars to submit papers for peer-review. Authors are advised to follow the NCRST template.  

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NBII, NCRST and Dololo bring you the BOOST UP events taking place in Namibia as a part of regional events in five countries in the SADC region

Declaration of Products Derived from or Containing Genetically Modified Organisms for Purposes of the Biosafety

15 Oct 2018

Declaration of Products Derived from or Containing Genetically Modified Organisms for Purposes of the Biosafety ACT, 2006 (ACT NO. 7 OF 2006) AS PER GOVERNMENT GAZETTE NO. 6729, NOTICE NO.  259.


  1. The Biosafety Act, 2006 (Act No. 7 of 2006) provides for measures to regulate activities involving the research, development, production, marketing, transport, application and other uses of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and specified products derived from GMOs.
  2. Section 1(2) of the Biosafety Act stipulates that the Minister responsible for science and technology, after consultation with the Biosafety Council, by notice in the government gazette, stipulates any article, material, substance or thing, derived from or containing a genetically modified organism or a combination of genetically modified organisms to be a GMO product.
  3. The National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST) is mandated to administer the Biosafety Act.
  4. As per section 6 of the Biosafety Act, the NCRST established the Biosafety Council to consider applications for permits to deal with GMOs or specified products derived from GMOs and make recommendations to the Minister, who will make a final decision to either grant a permit or reject an application.
  5. Any person or institution who wishes to carry out any dealings with products derived from GMOs must apply for a permit  as stipulated in section 22  of Biosafety Act, to be read together with regulations 6 to 19 of the Biosafety Regulations (Government Gazette  6116, Notice No. 210).
  6. Any person who carries on any activity with or in relation to a GMO or GMO product for which a permit is required by the Biosafety Act must, if he or she wishes to continue with that activity, apply for a permit within 120 days after the publishing of Government Gazette  6729,  Notice No. 259.
  7. In view of the above, the NCRST herewith notifies all the affected parties to comply with the requirements of the Biosafety Act.

The full schedule of the specified GMO products can be obtained at http://bch.ncrst.na/ or requested via email at: registrarbiosafety@ncrst.na